How to Treat Toilet cleaner's Wastewater Effluent treatment Plant for Harpic Type Toilet Cleaners

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What are the basic raw materials for toilet Cleaner?

  • Water and Hydro Chloric Acid (HCL 33% conc)

  • BHT Butylated hydroxytoluene (at as preservative)

  • Oleyl amine is a form of fatty matter unsaturated fatty amine related to the fatty acid oleic acid

  • Dyes for color

  • Perfumes for pleasant smell

Inlet test report for Toilet Clear

Biological Oxygen Demand BOD of toilet Cleaners are below 100 mg/l

Main concern in toilet cleaners are high COD, low pH, Color, non-biodegradable nature of the effluent along with the biocidal property of the wastewater.

What will not work in Toilet Cleaner's Effluent Treatment Plant?

Extended Aeration of 24 hours or above has less impact due to biocidal property of the #effluent

Treatment Philosophy includes

  1. First Step is degradation of Oleyl amine which is used 2% in toilet Cleaners, Oleyl amine hinders the treatment

  2. Second Step is getting rid of Butylated hydroxytoluene act as preservative and hinders the treatment (Butylated hydroxytoluene treatment is done by different approach)

  3. Third Step is neutralizing biocidal property of effluent

  4. Now Effluent is ready for easy treatment by following steps given below

  5. Coagulation, Flocculation, Settling, MBBR reactor, then again clarifier, PSF, ACF and Nano Filtration

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