Sludge Reduction Technologies in Effluent Treatment Plants

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Sludge is produced in two ways in Sewage Treatment Plants STP and Effluent Treatment Plants.

  • primary sludge - from physical separation of settleable solids in the primary settlers and Coagulation and flocculation process

  • secondary sludge - from secondary settlers where activated sludge is separated from the treated effluent.

Sludge reduction is achieved by

reduction of volume of wet sludge; reduction of dry mass of sludge.


Total solids (sludge) is sum total of soluble and suspended (particulate) fractions,

organic (volatile) and inorganic (inert) fractions,

Sludge reduction in Wastewater Treatment Plant is done via

  • cell lysis and cryptic growth

  • uncoupled metabolism

  • endogenous metabolism

  • microbial predation

  • hydrothermal oxidation

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