A Tale of Deceit via Noodles Manufacturing ETP - Effluent Treatment Plant

An Advice stay away from these type of companies, whose story you are about to read.

Feel Free to contact us for Effluent treatment Plant for Noodles Manufacturing units.

In June, an emerging company with plans to foray into Noodles segment of Indian Food Industry contacted us for the requirement of Effluent Treatment Plant.

Based on past experience with leading Noodles manufacturing Units, we had awesome discussion with that company, which was Lucknow based

That Lucknow based company shared with us an offer, which they were contemplating to buy from.

After Seeing that offer, eyes were wide opened, and that offer is the Tale of Deceit.

That company Claims to be since 1968 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Screenshot shown below

They claim to be leader and inlet & outlet parameters for Noodle's ETP shows how they are deceiving innocent Client's and making them vulnerable to the wrath of NGT and state pollution

Screenshot shown below.

From their ETP they are giving BOD 30 - 100 mg/l and COD less than 350 mg/l

We have no clue since when State pollution changed outlet parameters to such absurd values.

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