Effluent Treatment Plant n STP Operation and Management Important Checklists

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Operational Management Practices

  • Budget and financial management. assess the cost of operation of STP and ETP at least annually and provide input in terms of estimated expenses to accomplish the requirements of this standard.

  • Treatment plant capital improvement planning.

  • Energy management programs. Review and optimize electrical usage at regular intervals, including review of energy trends and costs

  • Environmental impact. Discharges and disposals.

  • Treatment plant design limits Every STP or ETP or Wastewater treatment plant has some limitations identify those

  • Operating permits and licenses.

  • Plant management. Quality assurance practices.

  • Record keeping and data review.

  • Record review. Regulatory reporting. Standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Treatment chemicals quality assurance.

  • Emergency preparedness and response.

  • Security planning and implementation.

  • Health and safety management.

  • Collection system

  • Wastewater competence, awareness, and training.

Elements of a wastewater competency training program include

1. Determine the necessary level of competence for the person to safely

perform work affecting the treatment plant.

2. Provide training or take other action to satisfy these needs.

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the training actions.

4. Communicate to personnel to raise awareness of the relevance and importance

of their activities.

5. Maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills, and experience.

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